Cheeky Seagull Themed Mural

Last week was an exciting week for me. I had the pleasure of painting my first public mural to enhance the atmosphere in Takapuna.

The Cheeky Seagull theme seemed to suit the area quite well, because let's face it, have you ever eaten at a beach without a seagull trying to steal your chips? I definitely haven't! And what is Takapuna known mostly for? Takapuna beach of course!

It's really important that the image on a public mural corresponds with the culture, the feel and vibe of an area. Murals have to power to make a location just that much more of a magnet for activity. While I was painting I had many questions and a few selfies with the locals. I event had a reporter from the local paper Devonport Flagstaff come up to me with some questions of her own. You can find her article about the event at this site: , and this site: , with the article about the mural being published on the 23rd July 2021.

I am currently working with the Sunnynook Community Association, with the hopes of painting yet another community mural in their area. Exciting!

Until next time,

Chrissie Calvert

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