Love Paintings

Live portrait painting. Painting from photography. Anniversary portraiture.


Get a love painting commissioned with Calvert Studio! We are bringing back the renaissance with painted portraiture. Guaranteed to impress, we paint portraiture that celebrates the love shared between people. 


How does it all work?

Get a Quote

Let us know what you want! Make sure you let us know who its for and how large you would like it

Provide a Photo

Send us the photo you want painted! This step is unnecessary if you want a live painting or a guest book alternative

Painting Begins

We begin your painting! 

Finishing Touches

We will send you a photo of your painting. Let us know if you want any changes before we organise pick up/delivery

That's it!

Your painting will be couriered to you! You have a memory immortalised in paint

A massive thanks to Chrissie for creating an amazing piece for our wedding. It's been a pleasure working with you. You took every detail we discussed into consideration and added that to the painting. Massive thanks and highly recommend