What is a Love Painting?

We call all our painted portraiture, Love Paintings.

This includes:

Engagement Portraits
Couples Portraits
Live Wedding Paintings
Family Portraits
Pet Portraits

Why get a Love Painting?

Calvert Studio helps you preserve the special, precious memories and milestones in your life through our Love Paintings. We paint from photos or live at your important event. Our mission is to provide you with art that will remind you of your happiest moments forever, in a unique personal way.

Why get a Mural?

Atmosphere is everything. Atmosphere drives mood, productivity, and gives spaces specific personalities. Whether you need wall art for your residential property, or an indoor mural for your café, Calvert Studio can help create the  atmosphere you desire for your space

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Chrissie Calvert is the founder of Calvert Studio, she is also professional fine artist. To see  her portfolio click here.

We do Love Paintings and Murals