Calvert Studio

Calvert Studio was founded by Chrissie Calvert in November 2020.

Her idea to start an art business started during her studies at Whitecliffe College of Fine Arts. She was looking for a way to share her love and passion of painting with the world. She wanted to create art that inspired positivity and sparked inspiration to peoples lives. It is her way of making a positive difference to this world.

Her idea of painting the beautiful, intimate moments between couples was born when she was commissioned to paint a couple at their wedding live. She was honoured to be apart of their special day. She then expanded upon this idea. She wanted to add another facet to her business. She was asked to do a Mural for interior design, and hit the ground running. It was an opportunity for her to  paint large scale, to enhance the atmosphere in peoples spaces.



Chrissie Calvert


In her final year of a BFA at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design, Chrissie explores the relationship between our internal world and our external world through the act of painting. She uses hessian as a painting surface, as its inherent grittiness, its rawness, she believes accurately represents the universally experienced true grit of everyday life. Through her painting, she hopes to remind humanity of the importance of empathy and the raw beauty of the human experience.


Chrissie is also the founder of Calvert Studio, an artist service business and is a volunteer minder at RM in Auckland, which is a long standing artist run space.

To learn more about Chrissie's professional art practice go to: 


Live Wedding Painting
Chrissie Calvert working on a Live Wedding Painting