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Chrissie Calvert is a Fine Artist and founder of Calvert Studio NZ.

We do Fine Art Prints, Love Paintings and Murals

Why get a Mural?

Atmosphere is everything. Atmosphere drives mood, productivity, and gives spaces specific personalities. Whether you need wall art for your residential property, or an indoor mural for your café, Calvert Studio can help create the  atmosphere you desire for your space.

Why get a Love Painting?

Calvert Studio helps you preserve the special, precious memories and milestones in your life through our Love Paintings. We paint from photos or live at your important event. Our mission is to provide you with art that will remind you of your happiest moments forever, in a unique personal way.

Why get a print?

Fine art is about more than the aesthetics. By purchasing a fine art print you not only support a local artist, you receive a high quality framed artwork which has hidden layers of meaning, just waiting for you to unravel. I explore the subconscious mind and how we people interpret the world around us. What do we see in shapes? In shadows? How do we create meaning through story? Why and how are we as we are? These are the questions I explore through my art practice. My aim is for my art to invoke these questions, inspire curiosity and slow people down enough to think and feel. By purchasing one of my prints you are allowing me to do what I love for a living, and for that I can only thank you.


-Chrissie Calvert, Fine Artist


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